About Us

Mansoor Shaikh, B.Comm.

Financial Advisor

Before entering the financial service industry, Mansoor's business experiences included many years of working in the construction and real estate development.

As well, he spent over 11 years working with a global manufacturing company in the areas of Quality Engineering & Customer Support.

During all those years in business, personal finance has always been his passion; he is involved in the Financial Services industry for the past 14 years. He specializes in creating comprehensive, customized, wealth management strategies for individual portfolios of medium to high net worth clients. Mansoor has extensive experience providing guidance and solutions for retirees and those about to retire. His counselling focuses on helping his clients avoid common financial mistakes, preserve their assets, increase their income, and reduce their income taxes.

When he bought his first house 16 years ago, eliminating the mortgage quickly was a big concern and objective as an initial step towards financial freedom (life without debt) a financial dream that Mansoor shares with all Canadians.

Because we understand that knowledge is the cornerstone of financial health, we strive via special workshops, Adnan Associates Insurance & Financial focuses on educating Canadians about important topics such as debt management, wise credit use and effective wealth accumulation.

Over the years, as Mansoor has built his insurance & investment business on long term relationships with his clients his first priority has always been his clients' best interests. Mansoor has helped numerous families achieve higher levels of financial security though systematic debt reduction strategies and protecting their future earning through wise insurance planning. His clients receive continual assistance with the implementation of key wealth building concepts and wealth management practices.

To assist his clients with achieve their important financial goals, Mansoor uses the following tools and strategies:

  • Mortgage Reduction(Rapid)
  • Income Protection (Disability Insurance)
  • RRSP Eligible Investments
  • Tax Assisted Real Estate

Mansoor is available for speaking opportunities. Please call him at 416-312-1628 or e-mail him at mansoor@adnanassociates.com.